This page is the static portion of the 2005 edition of Joe Dlhopolsky' Great South Bay Photoblog. Click here for the 2006 edition.

On this page, you will see comments and photos from the 2005 sailing season. The photos include: sailboats, power boats, wildlife at Davis Park, Fire Island, sunsets, the Browns River.

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2005 Season

28 May 2005

Made up for last week (11 June)

Last Week of Spring (17 June)

First Weekend of Summer (27 July)

July 4th

Sailboats are back (18 July)

Hottest Night of the Summer (25 July)

Mosquitos Have Arrived (17 August)

Not Summer Anymore (5 November)

Two November Sails (November 14)

End of the Season (10 December)

2006 Season

29 May

9 June

16 June

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