Okay, it's not summer any more. But I'm still sailing, after a too-long hiatus due to the two W's: work and weather. I'm back.

Labor Day behind us, Great South Bay still sees lots of activity. This is the time of year when it's perfect for sailing and boating when the weather cooperates. On 5 November, I had one such day.

One thing that you will note about many of the pictures is that they look grayer. Gone are the brilliant rays of the summer sun. The sun is lower in the sky and it is more yellow. Autumn is upon us. To contrast the gray and illustrate the autumn aspect, I included a cheater photo. Sorry, but I had to break up all the grays.

The first shot is actually one from the first days of autumn, 25 September.


On the way out of Browns River, I passed a solitary rower coming in from the bay. I have no idea where he hailed from. He was young, perhaps 16 or so. It reminded me of my youth when my brother and I would go out on the bay on our underpowered, flat-bottomed aluminum runabout. Sometimes we did foolish things, as young folks often do. I like this shot the best of the day.

Power boats, power boats, power boats. The nice thing about the bay this time of year is that most of the people know what they're doing. Nobody is showing off. Nobody is drunk. They are seasoned mariners enjoying the last of the good days before the onslaught of winter.



And now for the sailboats. The first is a yawl doing the power boat thing. The other three are sloops.




Here's a gull to break up all the boats.

Here's a depressing image: Davis Park all boarded up and empty - a sad shadow of its summer vibrancy.
Davis Park

Lastly, you know I can't leave out an image of some baymen. Here they are:


And, as promised, something to break up the grays. This is a shot of maple leaves still on the tree in my back yard. My house is two blocks in from the bay. Does that make this photo legit for my photoblog? You be the judge.
Maple Leaves

That's it for this time. Will the weather allow me to make another trip before Harmony must be hauled? Stay tuned.