I left work later than normal. The sky was grey and there was a bit of salt spray. So I didn't take the camera out on the way over to Davis Park. I did take it to the Casino, where I got some shots of the bartenders, Chris and Ritchie.

Here's Ritchie in the green shirt. I tried to talk him into getting some of the patrons to pose for a photos, but he choked, telling me that he wasn't "a hip-thrusting kind of guy."

Here's Chris:

The Casino has Oldies Night on Fridays, curse them. Although one might consider me an oldie, my taste in music is ecclectic. I'd rather hear something new than something I've heard a hundred times before. Here are the DJ's. I don't know their names.

My next shots were taken on the sail back to my home port in Browns River. Here's one departing the Davis Park marina. The building in the background is the Casino. In the foreground is the town tower, the supermarket, grill, and tiny liquor store.

Out on the bay in the early morning, here's a shot of a bayman heading to work.

A mostly empty ferry heading from Sayville to Fire Island Pines, Sailors Haven, or Cherry Grove - not sure which.

A look up at my sails. 20745 is my sail number. My vessel is a C&C 24, with a green hull. If you see me out there, wave and pose for a picture.

The remaining shots were taken on the last leg into the Browns River.

Buoy 34 marks the beginning of the leg.

One of Tony's Barge's barges delivering gas to Fire Island.

A ring-billed gull and cormorant on the day shape marking the entrance to Browns River.

A purple martin hotel on the river, an attempt to keep down the mosquito population.

Stop back to see what I've done next week.