The weekend before the 4th of July. It was windy on the bay again. It should be settling down. However, we had a very cold Spring and the differential between the ocean water and the hot sun on the land must be keeping the winds strong. There was too much salt spray to take the camera out on Friday afternoon. On Saturday morning, it was again blowing hard out of the southwest. It wore a hole in my working jib, which I have to repair this week. Where is the serene morning southeasterly breeze of summers past?

Not a lot of photos this week. There weren't many flowers in bloom. I already had shots of mallards and deer. The sunset looked promising. But before the sunset, I was treated to the Follies de Davis Park , courtesy of this female mallard.
female mallard 1

She then proceeded to perform what I could only describe as a mallard song and dance. She squatted, wriggled her tail, waddled, shivered her wings, all the while quacking up a storm.

I couldn't figure out why she was doing it, but I was enjoying the show. Perhaps I am anthropomorphizing, but it seemed like she was having a good time. There weren't any male mallards or ducklings around - I was the only audience. When she was done, she went to the edge of the dock, jumped into the water, and swam away.

Swimming away

A little while later, I noticed a gaggle of some 30-40 ducklings being shepherded by two or three adults. Then it struck me: maybe she was enjoying some time away from the kids. They were at the baby sitters! I think any mother would appreciate that.

On to the sunset. I got this shot of one of the Patchogue to Davis Park ferries entering port. The parking in Patchogue is for Brookhaven Town residents only. However, you can park in the municiple parking, or take the train to Patchogue, and take a five minute taxi ride to the ferry dock.

I got two shots of the sunset. They're both okay, but not great. Each has a different mood, so I put them both up.
Sunset 1

Sunset 2

I took a few shots of patrons in the Casino Bar in the evening. You might find some of them on their web site

Here's a shot of the Casino the next dawn.
Casino at dawn

And here's a shot of the dawn itself.
Shore Dawn

A view of the Davis Park community looking toward the rising sun.
Dawn community

And lastly, a shot of another buck and doe, backlit by the morning sun.
Deer pair

As I wrote above, it was too windy to take out the camera on the way back to Sayville. Actually, it was too windy (and too early) for any other boats. So I didn't miss too many photo opportunities. I await that gentle southeast summer breeze.

Next weekend is the 4th of July. I won't be going to Fire Island because the marina gets booked solid a week ahead. I may get out and sail around the bay. If so, I'll posts some pictures. Where are all the sailboats? I've been all alone out there. Come on, sailors!