Heather's Law School Graduation

21May 2005

Vermont Law School

Heather graduated Vermont Law School cum laude with a doctor of laws degree and a Masters in Environmental Law. The next day, with the help of Mom, Dad, brother Greg, and Mom's friend Bob, she moved all her worldly possessions from Vermont to Long Island. Two days later, Dad's moving service moved her to her new home in Bladensburg, MD. The photos on this page show the highlights of the days of activity. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.

Pre-ceremony breakfast at Heather's apartment.

Heather with the school mascot or "Swan on a stick".

Surrounding by adoring fans.

First, the handshake and diploma.

First hood, for the law degree.

Closeup of the hooding ceremony.

Second hood for the Masters degree.

Boy friend Brian.

Some respond to the stress of law school in interesting ways. Here Brian displays a third ear. The moment was brief.

Last in, first out post ceremony.

And again.

Proud family

Proud family II

Just what the country needs: two more lawyers.

Moving crew. Perspiration not captured in the photo.

Packing the last item.

All Heather's wordly possessions at her new home.

The new home. Aunt Lucy came by to help.

Setting up the kitchen.

A real bath tub and shower.

Living room.

View of the pool from Heather's balcony.

Of course, the one who did most of the work and planning, finally exhausted.

Other photos