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Being Small Available on Amazon.

Copyrighted as Eidolon: Quest after a New York City editor said my preferred title was ineffective. I decided to ignore her advice.

After a series of career setbacks that culminated in the loss of his ship, Commander Sandor Tatrin expects a lackluster future. With little to lose, he puts aside nagging doubts and grasps an opportunity to command an unconventional mission into space, billed as an opportunity to meet the first alien civilization.

Unknown to him, he holds a secret that would expose criminal acts by politicians on Earth. As the voyage progresses and the mission experiences troubling malfunctions, he discovers that he was offered the command in order to get him out of the way. He suspects that there is a saboteur among his crew, with instructions to make sure that he never returns to Earth.

Is the mission a complete hoax? Will he and his three crew members spend the rest of their lives hurtling through the cosmos in search of a non-existent planet of higher beings? Or will he succeed in thwarting the plans of his enemies and find the planet, make contact, and return triumphantly toe Earth? He embarked on the mission to seek a new era of hope for the human race. He never expected to struggle for his own survival in the face of deception and treachery from his own kind, let alone the perils that he might encounter on an alien world.

A sequel is in editing.

Always the Sun (unpublished)

This is a young adult novel that tells the story of a group of teenagers who serve as crew on a voyage to deliver a Cabo Rico yacht from Connecticut to Atlantic City, New Jersey. It's a typical first novel that deeply needs a rewrite, which I may get to someday if two other ideas fail to reach a critical mass.

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